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Game of Thrones
Hook | Wake up!
I watched only two eps, but i downloaded all 7 that i found and YAY, without russian voices, but with subtitles, yeah, i still need it.

I love this tv show! I love fantasy words, i love read fantasy, i love whatch it, i love write it, i love listening epic music that people write for it!

Eddard Stark, please, please, please, didn't die here! In everything i watched with him he always dying. Almost everytime he is a villian who dying, or not villian but still dying. I remember only one or two projects where he is stay alive and *OMG* happy. I like his character so far, he is not perfect, but who is? Can't wait what happen between him and Lannister, i hope something happen, maybe i will be lucky and there would be battle between them.

Arya Stark, i love her, she is so small yet, but have such courage that some older characters don't have.

Jon Snow, *drooling*, i love his puppy eyes, i love his hair (he loves them too XD) and i can't wait to learn more about him.

Tyrion Lannister, i like his sharp tongue, no one want talk battle with him, because he is win. Anytime.

Daenerys Targaryen, pretty, pretty girl. This is how Loki's wife looks in my mind, i mean, her beauty, i don't know much about character yet, but i have feeling she will show her brother who is in charge now :P

So, in this two eps i saw two bad guys from Merlin BBC and one from Doctor Who. I love when i see familiar faces and i'm like "hey, i saw him\her in other show, in season... and ep...". I pretty much tv show and movie geek.

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aaahh so glad you love it! XD
haha lol yeah, there are lots of DW and Merlin actors, also Harry Potter ones too, IT IS GREAT lol

I even want read the book, i love that sort of things :)

haha I love it too ^^ I started the first book, it's really great!

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