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In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?
Your Result: You belong in HOUSE STARK - Winter is Coming

resultHouse Stark is the most influential and notable power in the North. From their stronghold at Winterfell, the Starks guard the old ways against the dishonourable and fractious houses of the Seven Kingdoms. Their devotion to honour and the old gods wins them few friends in the court of King’s Landing and beyond, but this very same dedication to tradition commands respect from the lords of the North. Those Northmen who bend the knee to Eddard Stark have been hard won with respect, devotion, and justice. His sons show signs that they too will be well-respected and beloved leaders in the North upon ascending to the lordship of this enduring and storied house.

You belong in HOUSE TARGARYEN - Fire and Blood
You belong in HOUSE ARRYN - As High as Honor
You belong in HOUSE LANNISTER - Hear Me Roar
You belong in HOUSE BARATHEON - Ours is the Fury
In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?
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Cool, i'm in Stark family :)
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I hate it, when you have money and want to go in movie, but there nothing to see. I already watched X-Men and i don't want watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I wish Harry Potter and Captain America already were in movie, or Midnight in Paris, i want to see this so much. So, when all this would in the movie, i will not have any money. [i can't translate it from russian] Закон подлости, блин! Закон мирового свинства! На иксов чтоли еще раз сходить.
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Game of Thrones

I watched only two eps, but i downloaded all 7 that i found and YAY, without russian voices, but with subtitles, yeah, i still need it.

I love this tv show! I love fantasy words, i love read fantasy, i love whatch it, i love write it, i love listening epic music that people write for it!

Eddard Stark, please, please, please, didn't die here! In everything i watched with him he always dying. Almost everytime he is a villian who dying, or not villian but still dying. I remember only one or two projects where he is stay alive and *OMG* happy. I like his character so far, he is not perfect, but who is? Can't wait what happen between him and Lannister, i hope something happen, maybe i will be lucky and there would be battle between them.

Arya Stark, i love her, she is so small yet, but have such courage that some older characters don't have.

Jon Snow, *drooling*, i love his puppy eyes, i love his hair (he loves them too XD) and i can't wait to learn more about him.

Tyrion Lannister, i like his sharp tongue, no one want talk battle with him, because he is win. Anytime.

Daenerys Targaryen, pretty, pretty girl. This is how Loki's wife looks in my mind, i mean, her beauty, i don't know much about character yet, but i have feeling she will show her brother who is in charge now :P

So, in this two eps i saw two bad guys from Merlin BBC and one from Doctor Who. I love when i see familiar faces and i'm like "hey, i saw him\her in other show, in season... and ep...". I pretty much tv show and movie geek.
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What i'm doing at work:

1) make-up (because i was hurry and afraid be late on work)
2) watching Game of Thrones

No regrets, really, my work is boring right now when students have their exams, there is nothing to do, so we all seting here from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and doing what ever we want :)

PS i forgot write about one guy i always, almost always, see in my bus when i go to work. He is looks like Sherlock, i mean, really, he is tall, slim, have the same lips and some other face familiars with Benedict Camberbatch. And when we had cold weather here, he is wearing a scarf exactly like Sherlock!
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So, my russian journal is dead right now, so i post my new fanfic here. Sorry, it's on russian =(

Название: Я всегда рядом
Фандом: Мерлин
Пейринг: Мерлин/Моргана
Рейтинг: PG
Жанр: драма, ангст
Ворнинг: смерть персонажа!

by wakingworld

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You know that time when you should do some work, but you can't because you started too late, because you are not smart enough, because you paralyzed of fear that uni teachers will say to you that you dumb and don't worth their time. That's what happening with me whole week. And tomorrow is day X when i will be executed.